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“Assemblage 19 (Goliath Savings)”, Paper Collage, 2012

These are the last of the “Wicked Problems” collages.  The entire set can be viewed here.  This series of work was a boon for me artistically, and the process involved an intriguing evolution and maturation of the imagery.  These late collages became the most complex in the series and upon completion I felt inspired to move on to a painting project.

“Assemblage 16 (Bargain Basement)”, Paper Collage, 2012

This work was revolutionary for me because it helped me define a creative vision I’ve had for some time, but have been unable to fully articulate it until now.  Inspired by Arturo Herrera’s work, the ready-made materials allowed me to experiment with various imagery, and execute decisions and choices during the creative process much more rapidly than I can in painting.  Each piece involved individual intentions along the way, and ideas were able to evolve and change throughout the course of the work, but there were some similar frameworks involved in most of the collages.  These frameworks indicate the type of artistic imagery I am currently interested in creating.

“Assemblage No. 17 (Junk Sail)”, Paper Collage, 2012

The underlying structure of the works usually included (a) loosely defining an environment, (b) constructing a semblance of a structure within the environment, and (c) toying with the picture plane so that I could indulge in creating illusionistic space within the picture, and make the flatness of the page apparent in certain areas.  Usually I would try to mash-up all of these elements to varying degrees within a single picture, and those images were the most successful to my eyes.  As I go forward I’m intrigued by the prospect of exploring the aspect of combining figurative and decorative painting approachces within the medium of painting.

“Assemblage No. 18 (Beach Arcade)”, Paper Collage, 2012


Written by Wes Freese

May 17, 2012 at 7:51 pm

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