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One of the best photography exhibits recently on display in Seattle was Arthur S. Aubry’s beautifully composed images of various industrial objects.  Jen Graves over at The Slog said “no thank you” to “beautifully printed, immaculately composed photographs of colorful, abstracted industrial forms” because the world has far too many of them already, and favored vague images capturing desolate places that eschew any hint of composition, color or gradient of light and darkness.  Imagine, a photographer actually having the gall to employ composition, color and printing skill to create a photograph!

Actually, all I see lately are the boring photos Jen raves about.  I vote for the former and would advise local galleries to exhibit more photographs and paintings that evidence an artist’s craft.  As the art market slides, viewers and collectors want objects that rely more on talent and craft, rather than juvenile conceptual pieces that say nothing of import.  I vote for more images like Aubry’s, and quite enjoyed his photographs when I went to view them earlier this week.  Aubry’s exhibit came down today.  Seattle galleries would do well in this economic climate to exhibit more work based on craft and tried and true artistic tools in the creation of interesting visual images.




Written by Wes Freese

February 22, 2009 at 10:54 am

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