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My fascination with hyper-realism and photo-realism continues, and Davis Cone is one of the best in terms of technical mastery.   What’s distinctive about his work, aside from his chosen subject matter, is his ability to paint scenes at many different times of day and night.  His works evidence a very wide range of understanding about light during daytime, and at night.   You just have to marvel at his skill and longevity of dedication to the craft of painting.

“For over (30) years, Davis Cone has been single-mindedly pursuing the depiction of Art Deco movie theaters. Though definable as a Photo-Realist, Cone came a generation after Photo-Realism made its mark, and his concerns are slightly different. His paintings are not translations into paint of a single photograph. The crisp details throughout the pictures are a result of a photographic way of looking, but the paintings have more of a sensation of air and light than do most color photographs.”  Vincent Katz, Art in America, March 1999.



Written by Wes Freese

February 5, 2009 at 2:13 am

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