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Lens Culture has a nifty series of photographs by Denis Darzacq entitled “Hyper“.  Oh, the joy of shopping.

No. 4 from "Hyper" Denise Darzacq

No. 4 from "Hyper" Denis Darzacq

The San Diego Museum has a lavish exhibit of three series of photographs by Eleanor Antin, entitled Roman Allegories, Last Days of Pompeii, and Helen’s Odyssey.  Thanks to Art:21 Blog for the excellent interview with Eleanor.

"the Tourists"

"The Tourists" Eleanor Antin

And my first ever “Barnum Award” goes to Gillian Wearing for her celebrated photograph at the 2008 Art Basel, entitled “Me As Arbus”.  How was it celebrated?  It sold for a little over $35,000.  No photograph is worth 35K.  No photograph is worth more than a couple hundred dollars at most, yet one does marvel at how an aesthetically boring, technologically common photograph could sell for 35K.  For this reason Gillian Wearing receives the first ever “Barnum” for 2008.  I sincerely congratulate you on your accomplishment.

"Me As Arbus" Gillian Wearing

"Me As Arbus" Gillian Wearing


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July 19, 2008 at 6:30 am

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