2012 Summary – A Fantastic Year

2012 was one of the most artistically productive years for me.  One of my resolutions at the beginning of this year was to be more productive.  My paintings and collages incorporated a similar, unifying idea: to blend figuration and flat decoration within a single picture.  Here are what I consider a few highlights from 2012:

Intractable Reverie    Dogtooth Aphorism

“Intractible Reverie”, 2012                                          “Dogtooth Aphorism”, 2012

The two paintings above were outgrowths from collage work. These were the two pieces that I invested the most time and labor in.  Very satisfying creatively.  More of these in 2013.

The Laura B    "Fish Beach"

“The Laura B”, 2012                                                    “Fish Beach”, 2012

I started a project this year with a working title “I Built You A House”.  These paintings are a personal revisiting of the works I created on Monhegan Island as an artist in residence in 1990.  I’m working to simplify the abstract imagery in my paintings so that the works are more in line with what I conceptually think a painting is in contemporary culture.

Assemblage 16 (Bargain Basement)    Assemblage 17 (Junk Sail)

“Bargain Basement”, 2012                                “Junk Sail”, 2012

Two of the final collages from the Wicked Problems! series of collages.  Turning shit to gold, but the world is still hopeless.

"Little Sebago By Moped"    "Front Lawn Skirmish"

“Little Sebago By Moped”, 2012                       “Front Lawn Skirmishes”, 2012

"Grifter's Delight"    HPIM6551

“Grifter’s Delight”, 2012                                   “Your Favorite Direction”, 2012

After completing the Wicked Problems! collages I wanted to dial back on the preciousness and complexity and work up some simpler, flatter and more pleasant abstract pictures.  These are a few of the results from the series entitled “A Short Distance”.

HPIM6543    HPIM6544

“Outside-Inside No. 4”, 2012                           “Outside-Inside No. 3”, 2012

For some fun I did some pattern paintings on digital prints of vacant apartments.  I’m still processing how to incorporate some of these elements into more finished work.